The magic of the School Musical

Friday, 27th May 2022

The Mystery of Edwin Drood has been cast, rehearsed, performed and heartily enjoyed by the MHS community. All thanks to the hard work of students and production staff including Director, Mr Steven Bowler from MHS and Production Manager, Ms Kelly Simpson from Mac.Rob.

The production of The Mystery of Edwin Drood was a feast of sight and sound for the audience. It was so much more for the cast and crew. 

“Productions like this offer so much that students can’t experience in the classroom. There are life skills and collaboration, but above all there are memories. Most will not go on to become performers. Even in careers far away from theatre, they will have memories of the strong, colourful and intense experiences they enjoyed together.”

“When they can be on a stage, it all comes out.”

Kelly Simpson

The costuming and general needs of the production were the focus of a quick and incredibly successful callout to our community for support. A request for additional funding of $5,000 was met with the incredibly generous response of $24,465 within 24 hours. 

Such enthusiastic support like this sends a very positive message to staff and to the students; that their effort is valued and the work is important. 

A Theatre Production Funding Reserve now exists that can be used to protect the School against the current inflationary costs of event equipment. The opportunity to purchase staging equipment is now also a real possibility and these extra funds will provide a financial buffer for unexpected costs.

To find out more about the Arts and Cultural Trust that supports our School Musicals or to make a donation.
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