Patrons & Ambassadors

Patrons & Ambassadors

Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO – Patron MHS Scholarship Trust

Professor Ian Gust AO – Patron MHS Foundation Health Promotion Trust

Dr Alex Wodak – Patron MHS Foundation Health Promotion Trust

Mr Basil Eliades – Patron MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

Mr Nazeem Hussein – Patron MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

Mr Troy Sussman – Patron MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

Mr Lindsay Fox AC – Patron MHS Foundation

Emeritus Professor Peter Chandler AM KSJ – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Mr  John Dodd – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Mr Alan Rae OAM – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Col John Wertheimer AM RFD – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Mr Athol Guy AO – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests & MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

Mr John Harrison CBE AM – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Dr John Miller AO FCPA – Patron MHS Foundation Bequests

Mr John Barr AM

Mr Russell Caplan

Mr Charles Macek

Mr Silviu Itescu

Mr Max Grundmann

Mr Warren Fall

Mr Mark McConnell

Mr George Pappas

Major Steve Pilmore OAM RFD


Melbourne High School has a proud tradition of providing exceptional young men with exceptional opportunities. These opportunities include our diverse educational programs, sporting exchanges and cultural activities. They would not be possible without the generous support of our donors. Our donors contribute to refurbishments and the development of new facilities that enable us to expand our curricular and extra-curricular programs; scholarships and bursaries that make sure no one misses out; and mentoring that assists students with their leadership, academic, and career development. We value these partnerships and are we are sincerely grateful for the generosity of our donors.

Help us to continue educating tomorrow’s leaders.