Scholarship Trust

Scholarship Trust

Help us support students in need

All students should have the opportunity to benefit from Melbourne High School’s all-encompassing education, regardless of background or circumstance. Yet we find that up to 20 per cent of our students cannot afford to meet the costs of books and uniforms once they gain entry to the school.  Tax-deductible donations to the Scholarship Trust allows us to give much-needed assistance to students who cannot meet the basic costs of education. We also support students (past and present) and current staff.

In 2021, through our Scholarship Trust, 65 students from families struggling to meet the basic costs of education were awarded scholarships, bursaries and prizes. Activities included school fee contributions, cash awards, the provision of laptops, and school uniform and book subsidies

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‘Since it was established in 2008, the MHS Scholarship Trust has provided hundreds of students with assistance, including a number who struggle with their education because of having to care for a family member.’

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