New Generation Classrooms

New Generation Classrooms

Help us build state-of the-art classrooms.

Most MHS classrooms have not been renovated in decades. The interior of the marvellous heritage listed building requires significant rejuvenation to ensure our classrooms are appropriate teaching spaces for today’s educational needs.

With the centenary of the building now approaching, it is our ambition to complete a phased rejuvenation of every classroom by 2027.  In an extraordinary display of community determination and support, in 2018 we raised an incredible $496,077 to upgrade seven classrooms. This was made possible through 1,353 generous members of the school community donating to the Giving Day.

Unfortunately, over the past two years, COVID-19 lockdowns have slowed down our progress slightly. We had to cancel two scheduled Giving Days and for much of this period builders were unable to access the School due to restrictions.

This year, we are getting back on track. We have a Giving Day scheduled for September and we have now renovated nine classrooms.

You can find out more about our how our two new classrooms allow for dynamic, collaborative and self-led learning here – click here.

Please consider a tax-deductible gift today. 

Donations over $5,000 will be recognised via a plaque in a newly renovated classroom.

We aim to build classrooms that are modelled on the workplaces of the future.