Speech night prizes

Recognising excellence

The MHS Speech Night is an opportunity to encourage and reward students pursuing excellence. We are pleased to announce the 2021 prize winners and recognise the generous donors who are supporting our next generation of leaders.


Accounting  – The Gift of Anonymous – Winner, Vijaisiva Kasavaraj

Algorithmics “The Alan Turing Award” – The Gift of Moss Ebeling – Winner, Davit Gogiberidze

Biology: The Tony Bushell – The Gift of Mr Matthew Roberts – Winner, Tianyu Xiao

Business Management – The Gift Of Terry Heazlewood OAM – Winner, Khoi Nguyen

Chemistry – The Gift of Mr John Dodd and Family in memory of Dr. David Wadsley – Winner, Ramodh Jayasinghe

Dux Prize: In honour of Dr Graeme Duke – The Gift of Dr Janet Duke – Winner, Lewai Cai

Economics: The Neville Drohan – The Gift of MHSOBA Men for all Seasons – Winner, Khoi Nguyen

English : The Terry Lawrence Prize – The Gift of Anonymous – Winner, Aaliyan Azeem

English as a Second Language – The Gift of Mrs Jan Hart and the Late Assoc Prof John Hart – Winner, Kar Way Tan

English Language – The Gift of Nathan Goode – Winner, Jeffrey Yew

Extended Investigation – The Gift of Andrew & Pam Saunders – Winner, Cameron Witt

French – The Gift of The Late Mr Keith Lake – Winner, Chuk Hang (Timothy) Kan

Geography – The Gift of Mr Geoff and Mrs Pam Pryor – Winner, Baptiste Emery

German – The Gift of MHSOBA Men for all Seasons – Winner, Timothy Lyddy

Global Politics – The Gift of Mr Colin Axup – Winner, Amogh Kulkarni

Health & Human Development: In memory of the Late Assoc Prof John Hart – The Gift of Assoc Prof Geoff Sussman & Family – Winner, Eric Do 

History: Revolutions – The Gift of Mrs Barbara Green – Winner, Baptiste Emery

Indonesian – The Gift of Ms Chitra Amaradasa  – Winner, David Kong

Innovation in Technology – The Gift of Mr Barry Phillips – Not awarded in 2021

Japanese – The Gift of Mr Graham Homes – Winner, Matt San Buenaventura

Legal Studies: Mosk and Zee Family – The Gift of Ms Virginia Mosk – Winner, Hong Sheng Quah

Literary Arts – The Gift of Professor Max Corden AC – Winner, Baptiste Emery

Literature – The Gift of Mr David Kitchen – Winner, Hugo Turudia

Mathematics – Methods: The Ron Champion Memorial – The Gift of Mrs Marion Champion & Family – Winner, Eric Bai

Mathematics: Specialist Maths – The Gift of Mr Carl Wood – Winner, Yevin Gamlath

Media Studies  – The Gift of The Leighton Family – Winner, Sataya Moriguchi

Music Investigation – The Gift of Mr Adam Yee – Winner, Nicholas Phan

Music Performance: The Arthur and Daisy Corless Memorial – The Gift of Mr Brian Corless OAM – Winner, Jeremy Xiao

Philosophy : The Dr Janet Prideaux Memorial Award – The Gift of Ms Indika Jayasundara – Winner, Amogh Kulkarni

Physical Education – The Gift of Mr David Parkin – Winner, Rushil Bhadra

Physics  – The Gift of Dr Aswin Wijetillake – Winner, Yevin Gamlath

Psychology – The Gift of MHSOBA Men for all Seasons – Winner, An Hoang

Pure Science: The Bob Dwyer Memorial – The Gift of Mr Mark Goodey – Winner, Erfan Mangani

Scientific Enquiry and Scholarship: In memory of Norton Hobson – The Gift of Mr Bruce Hartnett & Ms Louise Einfeld – Winner, Richard Zhang

Sociology : In memory of Robert Campbell-Young – The Gift of M & D Jarvis – Not awarded in 2021

Software Development – The Gift of Mr John Harrison CBE AM – Winner, Mark Putter

Studio Arts – The Gift of Mr Keith Marshall – Winner, Forest Lei

The Ganella Prize for Further Mathematics – The Gift of Mr. Galloway – Winner, Timothy Lyddy

Theatre Studies – The Gift of Mr John Dodd and Family – Winner, Venuka Babaranda Liyanage

VET – Certificate III in Laboratory Skills – The Gift of the Aarons Family – Not awarded in 2021

Visual Communications & Design – A Gift in Memory of Owen Spurway – Winner, Hogun Lim


Air Force Cadets: Special – A Gift of Mr Gordon Lowing – Winner, Timothy Lyddy

Air Force Cadets: The Squadron Leader John Elden Memorial – A Gift of The Elden and Wood Families – Winner, Zeyang (Sunny) Zhang

Army Cadet Service – A Gift of Mr John Grigsby – Winner, Richard Zhang

Army Cadet Unit: The George Peters – A Gift of MHS Lodge 759 – Winner, Pranit Parashar

Arts – The Ray Willis – A Gift of Mrs Ruth Willis, Lyndall Willis and Family – Winner, Hogun Lim

Best All Rounder: The George Deacon Memorial Prize – A Gift of the Deacon Family – Winner, Petro Pirozek

Camerata – A Gift of Ms Zina Berezin – Winner, Wilson Mah

Chess – A Gift of Devraj Bhattacharya– Winner, Raymond Wong 

Chorale – A Gift of Mr Bruce Macrae – Winner, William Wei

Debating – A Gift of Dr Robin Matthews – Winner, Ashwin Prakash

Dick Tattam Instrumentalist – A Gift of Mr Alasdair Billingham – Winner, Hong Sheng Quah

Drama – A Gift of the Late Lorraine Pole – Not awarded in 2021

Heritage – A Gift of Mr Luke Savage – Winner, Timothy Lyddy

Library – A Gift of MHS Foundation Ltd – Award withheld in 2021

Music – A Gift of Dr Alan Gregory AM – Winner, Hugo Turudia

Music Composition – A Gift of Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO – Not awarded in 2021

Music Production – A Gift of Mr John Diedrich – Not awarded in 2021

Orchestra – A Gift of Dr Anne Lierse – Winner, Clark Yuan

Raoul Wallenberg – Endowed by Dr Frank Vajda & supported by MHS Lodge 759 – Winner, Matt San Buenaventura

Robotics Club – A Gift of The Drew Family – Winner, Davit Gogiberidze

School Captain  – A Gift of Mr Brian Corless OAM – Winner, Jaffer al-Haidary

School Organist: The Daryl Towers Memorial – A Gift of Mr Steven Bowler – Not awarded in 2021

School Pianist: In memory of Mr Daryl Towers – A Gift of Mrs Pamela Coad – Winner, Keane Ng 

Simon Wiesenthal: Community Support Award – A Gift of The Ida & Leon Memorial – Winner, Reji Alengaden

Singers – A Gift of Mr Andrew Allan – Winner, Phi-Phi Nguyen

SRC President – A Gift of Dr Ray Boyapati – Winners, Zach Hong & Benson Lin

Stage Band – A Gift of Mr Ian Edmondson – Winner, Eric Bai

Stage Management – A Gift of Mr Laurence Pole – Winner, Victor Yao

String Orchestra – A Gift of Anonymous – Winner, Mo Hang Cheung

Tattam Band – A Gift of Mr Bruce Worland AM – Winners, Zachary Hong & Ramodh Jayasinghe

The Colin Axup Leadership Award – A Gift of MHS School Council – Winner, Ali Abud

The Gareth Evans Politics Prize – A Gift of Prof the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC – Winner, Arth Tuteja 

The Inclusive Community Award – Endowed by Joshua Lam (MHSOB) – A Gift of Melbourne High School – Winner, Isabelle Vu

The Peter Larsen Music Leadership Award – A Gift of Mr John Fraser – Winner, Wing Him Wong

Theatre: The D J Niven Memorial – A Gift of The Late Barbara Niven & Family – Winner, Flynn Rose 

Unicorns –  A Gift of MHS Friends of Music – Winner, David (Jin) Wang

Writing Interest Group – A Gift of Ms Tania Sheko – Winner, Nicholas Huang 


Athletics: The Sandro Bisetto Award – A Gift of The Kuhlman Family – Winner, Kevin Healy 

Badminton – A Gift of Mr John Barr AM – Winner, Cameron Qin

Baseball – A Gift of Mr Saki Ganella – Winner, Finn Weichard

Basketball – A Gift of Mason Rogers – Winner, Dennis Ameti

Cricket – A Gift of MHSOB Cricket Club – Winner, Gurnaz Khatra

Cross Country – A Gift of Wayne Chow – Winner, Cameron Lee 

Derrimut House Cup – A Gift of MHS – Winner, Yarra House

Fencing – A Gift of MHS Foundation – Winner, Andrew Guo 

Football: The Warren Fall – A Gift of MHSOB Football Club – Winner, Petro Pirozek

Golf – A Gift of Mr Paul B Birman – Winner, Abel Eduard 

Hockey – A Gift of MHSOB Hockey Club – Winner, Duncan Geddes

Lacrosse – A Gift in Memory of Lewis J. Shobbrook Snr – Not awarded in 2021

Lawn Bowls – A Gift of MHS Foundation – Winner, Robert Campbell

Netball – A Gift of Ms Kristen Hinchliffe & Ms Ann Chandler– Winner, Advaith Prabha

Rowing – A Gift of Mr Bob Stephenson – Winner, Mark Putter

Rugby – A Gift of Mr Luke McFadyen – Winner, David Do

Snow Sports: Vincent Chu Prize – A Gift of Mr Geoffrey Whitelaw – Not awarded in 2021

Soccer – A Gift of In Memory of Mr David Lea – Winner, Isaac Simpson

Sports Champion: The Alec McKenzie Award – A Gift of MHSOBA Inc – Winner, Abel Eduard II

Sportsmanship: The Dr Merv Lincoln – A Gift of Mr Tim Lincoln – Winner, Gurnaz Khatra

Squash – A Gift of Mr Geoff Walker – Winner, Sanuj Ruberu 

Swimming: The W H Slade Memorial – A Gift of Mr Malcolm Slade – Winner, William Drew

Table Tennis – A Gift of Mr Tony Bushell – Winner, Tim Huang 

Tennis – A Gift of Mr Les Innes – Award witheld in 2021 

Volleyball – A Gift of Shan Dhinakaran  – Winner, Ayden Uong 

Water Polo – A Gift of Mr David Smyth – Winner, Magnus Mulhall

Our gratitude to the donors of these annual prizes. If you would like to commemorate a family member, or celebrate your involvement with the school, please consider donating an annual prize.

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