Funds raised for a new grand piano

Thursday, 31st May 2018

Unveiling of the Grand Piano C6.

A night of exceptional music and an opportunity to recognise the generous support of our school community.

In April 2018, students, parents and supporters of the Melbourne High School Music Program gathered for the launch of the new Yamaha Grand Piano C6. 

An engaging evening of piano music with stellar performances from past and current MHS students was a fitting way to thank our generous donors.

In just two and half years, through the efforts of Friends of Music and the MHS Foundation, an incredible $33,000 was raised to replace the ageing grand piano in the Music Department. 

We would like to thank all the families and supporters who participated in the Friends of Music fundraising activities and donated to the MHS Arts and Cultural Trust. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the Grand Piano Fundraiser’s major donors, Isaac Apel (ex 1964) and Darvell M Hutchinson AM (ex1946) and recognise the hard work and dedication of Roxy Kruger and Maria Graetsch from MHS Friends of Music.

It was also wonderful to see old boy Bruce Macrae (ex 1962) at the event. Bruce was the longest serving staff member of the MHS Music Faculty. 

Principal Jeremy Ludowyke & Friends of Music President Simon Capp opened the event and MHS Music Captain, George Hee was a wonderful host. A big thanks to Dr Ann Lierse, for organising the night.


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