MHS Foundation responds to COVID-19

Tuesday, 11th August 2020

Funds raised during this year’s Annual Appeal are helping MHS Students cope with the impacts of COVID-19

The return to distance learning has been challenging. This is especially true for our VCE students, who are struggling with the uncertainty of how remote learning will impact their final ATAR score and their choices for the future.

Recent Australian studies have found that remote learning is resulting in vulnerable students falling further behind their peers. This is often due to limited finances, family pressures, crowded living conditions, and inadequate technology. Our wellbeing team has been working hard to identify students with living situations that are not conducive to home-based learning and identifying ways to support them to excel in their studies.

Since returning to distance learning, the Wellbeing Team has received urgent requests for technology support. They have also experienced a significant increase in demand for counselling services as students once again deal with the unique challenges of lockdown and remote learning. A lack of face-to-face contact with peers and teachers is also resulting in high levels of anxiety and depression for many of our students.

Using the funds raised through our COVID-19 Appeal, the MHS Foundation responded quickly to these pressing needs. We are pleased to advise that, to date, your generous donation has supported the:

– Purchase of five computers and internet dongles that can be loaned to students who are struggling to access their classes at home because they do not have internet access or a computer that supports online learning

– Provision of funds to increase the part-time school counsellors’ hours by one day per week, to meet the extra student demand for her services

Many of our students have been through one of the most challenging situations they have faced in generations. Jennifer Mill, the Health & Wellbeing Coordinator, asked us to share Tom’s story below. Jenny wanted you to hear first-hand how your support is helping students to continue to reach their potential while studying at home.

Not always an exemplary student, in his earlier years Tom was frequently disruptive and argumentative with his teachers and peers. To help him understand why he was acting out at school, Tom was referred to the Wellbeing Team. After a few sessions he disclosed that there were significant disruptions at home with family arguments and court involvement. With counselling support, Tom was able to gain an insight into his behaviour, develop tools for managing his emotions and build his confidence. As a result, he found his academic rhythm, started connecting with the school and his grades improved. He was well on his way to VCE success.

Unfortunately, moving to remote learning has not been great news for Tom. Shifting his learning environment to the family home removed the safety and stability of school. He found it difficult to connect to online learning and lost his motivation. Members of the Wellbeing Team recognised that Tom was struggling and kept in weekly contact. For Tom, this support has been critical, saying himself that at times this contact is all that has kept him going. The counselling support has helped Tom to keep pushing forward with his studies and stay encouraged and motivated in spite of the challenges of remote learning.

*Tom is not the students real name

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