A generous donor provides support for young carers at MHS

Wednesday, 04th July 2018

In 2013, SBS’s Insight profiled young carers – or, in their words, “some awesome kids doing some pretty grown-up stuff”.

After watching this special feature, Susan Fincham felt compelled to support young carers and kindly reached out to Melbourne High School to see how she could help. She established The Susan Fincham Young Carers Scholarship, a bursary to provide recognition and support to young carers at Melbourne High School, a school very close to her heart.

Through her support, Susan Fincham hopes to assist young carers to increase participation in the MHS community through alleviating some of the financial pressures associated with their important role. If you or someone you know is balancing their studies at MHS whilst caring for a  family member there is help available. Two bursaries are provided annually and are used to cover expenses such as fees, uniforms, books, excursions and co-curricular activities.

Find out more about The Susan Fincham Bursary and other scholarships here.

If you would like to help MHS students in need you can donate to the Scholarship Trust here

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