The Tattam Wallis Band shines 

Sunday, 25th June 2023

The Tattam-Wallis Band has served the School as its flagship musical ensemble for nearly a century. As a student-led initiative, the Band receives no annual funding. Many of the musical instruments, equipment and uniforms are decades old. Through the many years of practices, rehearsals and performances, much of the equipment was in disrepair.


In 2022, the Foundation provided $11,256 funding to upgrade equipment and uniforms. The band this year has taken ownership of its new bass drum and cases for all the snare and bass drums. There is now also a tailored pattern for a band tunic which can be used indefinitely.


The first of the new tunics was seem at the Anzac Day performance at the Shrine of Remembrance. This performance in particular, demonstrates the importance of the Tattam-Wallis Band to ethos of MHS and our part within the wider community. Shining brass, booming drums and crisp uniforms will be seen throughout the 2023 program.


Funding for new equipment is just one example of how the MHS Foundation supports programs at the heart of an MHS Education.


Can you help keep the unique character and depth of an MHS education alive? This tax-time join the many parents, old boys and supporters who give back to the school with a donation to the MHS Foundation.

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