Annual Appeal 2024_W2 EDM

Annual Appeal 2024

Help us create opportunities for our students to realise their sporting potential

At MHS, we are proud of our students’ exceptional achievements both in the classroom and on the field. That’s why the MHS Foundation provides funds to ensure our talented athletes can realise their potential and participate in sporting activities nationally and internationally. 

Unfortunately, the expenses associated with travel, accommodation, and participation fees can be a heavy burden for many families. This is where we, as a supportive school community, can make a difference.

Can you help ensure that no student misses out due to financial constraints? Will you help to cover essential travel, accomodation and participation costs to ensure all students can reach their full potential?

Make a tax deductible gift to our Health Promotion Trust today.

Or if you would like to donate to another MHS Foundation trust or fund, including the Building Fund, Scholarship Trust, or Arts and Cultural Trust click here

Make a tax-deductible gift to our Foundation.