Annual Appeal 2024

Make a donation this tax time

The MHS Foundation is committed to supporting exceptional learning experiences at MHS.


As the School’s fundraising arm, we help deliver innovative programs and facilities that are outside our current government funding and beyond the support provided through parent contributions.


In this way, the Foundation plays a critical role in helping Melbourne High School achieve its vision of an education that is more than just marks.


Our Annual Appeal is our major fundraising event and all donations are tax deductible.


This Year We are raising funds to:

Help update our facilities

Over the years our generous supporters have helped update 15 classrooms in the Castle on the Hill and there are still more  renovations in the pipeline. Now we are turning our attention to restoring Memorial Hall and installing solar panels. Can you help?

Help ensure no student misses out

A donation to our Scholarship Trust helps students and families in need through assisting with the purchase of School supplies, uniforms, books and computers.


Help support our talented sportspeople to reach their potential

This year the MHS Foundation is supporting the creation of a program to help families to meet the costs of top sports people travelling interstate or overseas for sporting competitions.

Help launch an artists in residence program

This year the MHS Foundation is supporting the School to establish a visual and writers artist-in-residence program. Would you like to support this exciting new initiative.

Help support the School’s most pressing needs

Our flexible Future Fund allows us to divert your donation to the School’s priority projects.

About the Foundation

The MHS Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that manages a suite of trusts and funds with charitable gift status. Overseen by a Board of Directors, this structure allows our community to earn a tax deduction for donations towards improving facilities, supporting students at risk, the arts and health promotion.

Supporting students now and in the future.