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Annual Appeal 2022

Support a world-class learning experience for tomorrow’s leaders.

MHS students are amongst the brightest young minds in the state, if not the country. They come to our school to be extended, to be their best.

The School has a proud history of producing alumni capable and willing to be leaders across business, community and government. In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, the School needs to be continually adapting to ensure our students are well prepared to follow in their footsteps.

With government funding only stretching far enough to cover basic educational programs and facilities maintenance, now more than ever we need support to deliver the co-curricular programs and improved facilities that underpin an education that is beyond just marks.

Our Principal Tony Mordini and his team have some exciting new plans. But we are going to need the support of our community to make them happen.

A tax-deductible donation today will allow us to:

  • Transform our classrooms into appropriate teaching spaces for today’s educational needs
  • Expand our co-curricular programs including a new Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Support the MHS Wellbeing Team to build the health and resilience of the School community
  • Provide scholarships and support to ensure that no young person misses out

Make a tax deductible gift to our flexible Future Fund today.

Or if you would like to donate to another MHS Foundation trust or fund, including the Building Fund, Scholarship Trust or Arts and Cultural Trust click here

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