Our Students - Our Mission

More than just marks

"The School’s instruction to every young man who enters these doors is

simple but demanding: Honour the Work, and the work will honour you."

Jeremy Ludowyke, Principal

Our students come from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds within Victoria. There is a common misconception in the community that because MHS students are academically able, they also belong to a socio-economic elite. Nothing could be further from the truth. Up to 20 per cent of our students cannot afford to meet the cost of books and uniforms once they gain entry to the school.

The Scholarship Trust has had a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of students since 2008 and raises funds throughout the year to support students in need. The Trust provides scholarships, bursaries and prizes and extends to education beyond Melbourne High, at approved institutions in Australia or overseas. Recipients of scholarship support have gone on to achieve success in many walks of life.

The new Health Promotion Trust enables us to promote student health and wellbeing, helping to ensure that that our students function to the best of their ability emotionally and physically as well as academically.

"Do not forget that sport provides an essential outlet and is an indispensable ingredient in a balanced life. It is essential to possess a balance not only of intellect, but of character, leadership, and commitment to service." Alex Chernov, AC QC


The Arts & Cultural Trust supports Arts and Visual & Performing Arts within MHS and the Community. The School is known for the richness of its music and arts programs.

We encourage all students to participate in a broad range of co-curricular activities including sport, music, art, excursions, competitions and community projects so that they can enjoy every aspect of an education at Melbourne High School and become global citizens who can lead by example.

Please help up gain momentum by donating to scholarships and health promotion so that we can continue to help these deserving young men.

What does my money buy?

Covers 50% of Annual School Fees $1000
Buys the Winter School Uniform $500
50% of an iPad $250
Helps buy books. $100
It all adds up $50
Makes a difference! $25

If you wish to support the Campaign directly by making a financial contribution, you can