Future Fund

Future Fund

A new initiative to future-proof MHS

Donations to the recently established future-fund are unrestricted, enabling us to respond to the school’s most pressing needs. The fund will also help us build our financial stability. We want to ensure that, now and in the future, we have the resources to maintain our renowned educational environment to instil the skills, confidence, enthusiasm, respect and sense of social responsibility that our graduates require.

Having this versatile fund will enable us to address the contemporary needs of our students and will ensure that we can respond to the most urgent priorities that may include:

● Maintaining our music facilities
● Providing students with extra-curricular and educational advancement opportunities
● Updating old technology and outdated facilities
● Providing health and wellbeing programs

We promise that your tax-deductible donation will be used where it is needed most.

Help us to address the schools most pressing needs.