Giving Day Postponed due to COVID-19

Wednesday, 18th March 2020

Postponement of Giving Day – COVID-19

After much deliberation, the MHS Foundation Board is postponing MHS Giving Day 2020 due to Covid-19. Our decision to cancel is twofold.

1/ With the safety and well-being of all the community in mind, including our dedicated volunteers, staff and students we felt the most responsible course of action is to cancel the Giving Day activities at the Unicorn Club where we planned to bring together over 100 volunteers.

2/ Taking into consideration the uncertainty and concern that Covid-19 is creating in our community we did not think that it was the right time to be asking our community to help us raise funds for classrooms, so we have decided to also cancel the digital fundraising campaign. Instead we ask our community to focus on supporting families, friends, neighbours and strangers over the coming weeks or months. We encourage you to check-in with fellow students, former classmates, colleagues and parents to see if they need any support and chat and make plans for post COVID-19. During these unprecedented times this is the best way for us to utilise the schools strong community spirit.

A big thanks to everyone who registered to volunteer on Giving Day. We hope that you will join us again when we reschedule our Giving Day post COVID-19.

To all those who have already pledged a donation, you donation will be processed over the coming days.

We will be back in touch with a new date for Giving Day soon. Thanks for your patience and support.

If you would like to still donate to help renovate our dilapidated classrooms click here