The Foundation Trusts

The Melbourne High School Foundation

Proud to support Melbourne High School and its Community

The  Foundation provides assistance to Melbourne High School for the education and support of past, present and future students and teachers. It does this primarily through four principal trusts.

The MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

The Arts and Cultural Trust aims “to promote the literary, performing, visual, community and
aboriginal arts and Movable Cultural Heritage within Melbourne High School and within the
Melbourne High School community.” As a charitable trust, it is exempt from income tax and can accept tax deductible gifts.

The MHS Scholarship Trust

The Scholarship Trust aims “to promote the education of eligible scholarship recipients by
providing money for scholarships, bursaries or prizes.” As a charitable trust, it is exempt from
income tax and can accept tax deductible gifts.

The MHS Foundation Health Promotion Trust

The  Health Promotion Trust aims to provide information for students and staff about prevention or control of physical, emotional and general wellbeing issues affecting adolescents including depression, stress, anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol and drug related consumption and abuse and related issues. The trust also runs public awareness campaigns and programs to help teachers and young people to detect, prevent, control and treat youth-related illnesses and health issues.

The MHS General Trust

The General Trust aims to provide for the receipt of bequests, endowments and general gifts.
Funds invested in the General Trust can be used in any manner that is consistent with its stated purpose of “the advancement of education.” The Trust is exempt from income tax but cannot accept tax deductible gifts.

More about the Foundation

The Foundation also manages the Melbourne High School Annual Appeal, which is sent out to all current and past members of the School Community. The Appeal invites donations to the trusts, the MHS Building and Library Funds and special projects.

Donations help us ensure that every MHS student can enjoy a well-rounded education encompassing excellent academic programs, a broad range of extra-curricular programs and a commitment to individual wellbeing and happiness.

If you wish to support the Campaign directly by making a financial contribution, you can