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The MHS Scholarship Trust


Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO, Patron

Melbourne High School believes that all students who gain entry to the School should benefit from an all-encompassing education, regardless of background or circumstance. Financial benefits available to students experiencing financial need have decreased in recent years, negatively impacting up to 20% of MHS students.

Many cannot afford to meet the basic costs of education.

Tom's Story

TOM lost his father shortly before coming to MHS and his mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder shortly afterwards, making it difficult to hold down a full time job. Tom took on the role of key family carer, often missing school and falling behind with classwork. Tom developed anxiety and depression and dropped out of school for a period of time.  The MHS Wellbeing department continued to support him and he eventually agreed to undertake counselling with external professionals. He was awarded an MHS Student Carer Scholarship which enabled him to meet the costs of counselling and also helped fund driving lessons, enabling him to take his mother to appointments.

With financial assistance and strong support from his Student Learning Coordinator, class teachers and the Wellbeing department, Tom was able to complete a modified academic load and returned to school to successfully complete his VCE. HE is currently hoping to study arts/media at Swinburne or Latrobe University. Tom credits his VCE success to all this support and he is determined to continue to improve his and his mother’s situation.

Russell Caplan (MHS Exit 1963)

I am pleased to support MHS because the school has given me two things in particular that I cherish - my most long-lasting friendships and a piece of the culture embodied in the motto "Honour the Work".

My brother and I and my two sons are all products of MHS and we couldn't be prouder or more grateful.  I hope, with government support and the continued support of old boys, MHS can continue to give future generations what it has given to us.

Henry's Story

HENRY has benefitted from an Undergraduate Scholarship, having completed his studies at MHS with distinction. He was Dux of his graduating year and wanted to become a surgeon. After leaving school and enrolling at Melbourne University, he continued to support himself with a modest income from coaching in Chemistry. His supportive mother was suddenly diagnosed with severe cervical spine degeneration, and the family was plunged into financial difficulty, worsening an already difficult situation. The MHS scholarship has made a significant contribution to his life and  he is well on the way to fulfilling his dreams as a surgeon. He would like to return to MHS and teach Chemistry when he retires!

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