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The MHS Arts & Cultural Trust

The Arts and Cultural Trust promotes and raises money for Arts within the School and the wider community.  MHS is well known for its rich Arts program and particularly for its exceptional achievements in music.  Music and singing are part of daily student life at MHS and for many, music represents the soul of the School. The Arts program also encompasses literary, visual and performing arts, Aboriginal arts and movable cultural heritage.

The new specialist Arts Studies Centre engages in a rich diversity of events and programs every year and Melbourne High School students continue to impress with their talent.

Basil Eliades, Patron

Peter J Ross (Bequest Donor)
MHS Director of Music (1975-1979)

An understanding and appreciation of music is an essential part of a well educated man.

In order to encourage sustained study of the Arts, the School has introduced a specialist Visual and Performing Arts intake at Year 11, 2016. A number of Arts Scholarships will be offered through the MHS Arts & Cultural Trust as part of this program. Donations have enabled the School to purchase film equipment for Visual Arts and an enhancement of the Music Program. 

If you wish to support Arts & Cultural Programs, we invite you to donate to the MHS Arts & Cultural Trust.

To provide scholarship assistance to music students, please donate to the MHS Scholarship Trust.

Donations to the Arts and Cultural Trust are tax deductible.


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