Our Donors - Our Future

You don't have to be part of our past to be part of our Future.


Principal of Melbourne High School
Jeremy Ludowyke 

Melbourne High School would not exist without the vision and generosity of its donors and I would like to thank them for their support. Our benefactors past and present deserve lasting recognition and we continue to strive to build continuing relationships which ensure their deep involvement in the life of the School.





The student body of Melbourne High School would like to express their deep gratitude to the staff and supporters of the school who make our education possible. We are indebted beyond words to the staff who rise far beyond the obligations of their profession to enhance our personal and academic learning experience, as are we to the Old Boys, parents, friends and donors who continue to enrich the school with their greatly appreciated support and who immeasurably contribute to building the school through the generous donation of their time, skills and wisdom.

To be a student at Melbourne High School is an immense honour for us all and much that pride is derived from how humbled we are to be supported by such an incredible group of people. We cannot be more grateful.

Community Involvement

The Melbourne High School community has a long and established history of dealing with many charitable organisations throughout Victoria. The School and the Melbourne High School Foundation place great value on these relationships, which continue to strengthen and enrich the lives of our students and their families. As a Foundation, we are committed to enriching and expanding our community partnerships and would like to thank the many organisations who have provided financial and in-kind support and who also enable our young men to learn about contributing to society for the greater good.

As part of our campaign, we will be focusing not only on nurturing our old relationships, but forming new alliances. We recognise that successful growth and prosperity depend upon the strength and energy of our community partnerships.

Philanthropic Trusts

The Foundation submits applications for funding to philanthropic institutions and Charitable Trusts to raise funds for MHS special projects and Student Wellbeing projects in particular.  These include applications for student financial assistance, facility development and community involvement activities.

Our sincere thanks go to the organizations which have provided financial assistance in support of students and programs.  

  • Newsboys Foundation

  • Victoria University

  • HEY Grants

  • HEY Grants

Our donors and their stories


“We extend our best wishes to you for continued success. It is a pleasure to be among your current supporters.”   Gandel Philanthropy

"Any project that supports their needs and helps young carers feel part of our valued “Careforce” deserves our support. We look forward to working with the students of Melbourne High School to deliver this."  Bronwyn Lewis, General Manager, Strategic Change and Development, Carers Victoria." 

"Headspace Elsternwick is proud to support the Melbourne High School Foundation Health Promotion Trust initiative to promote the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

The Trust’s objectives complement headspace’s early intervention and mental health promotion work with young people, families and school communities. We share an interest in the promotion of a whole-of-school approach with a holistic focus on mental and physical health as well as the importance of supportive social networks of peers and adults.

Our role as provider of targeted and timely individual and group-based therapeutic interventions as well as programs designed to foster mental health literacy and resilience within school communities demonstrates the clear synergy between the MHS Foundation Health Promotion Trust and headspace.

We are particularly pleased to offer support and expertise to the Trust in our capacity as a youth mental health service."  Kirsten Cleland, Manager, Headspace Elsternwick


One of the ways in which we acknowledge our benefactors is through naming opportunities on buildings, the library, chairs, scholarships and plaques.

  • Lindsay Fox

  • Susan Fincham

  • Alan Rae

If you wish to support the Campaign directly by making a financial contribution, you can