Thinking Foward - Melbourne High School

The Campaign for Melbourne High School

The Campaign is an unprecedented and extraordinary collaboration between the Melbourne High School Foundation, Melbourne High School Council, Melbourne High School Old Boys’ Association and their sub-committee Green, Marroon and Black Patrons'Club, parents, friends, donors and the MHS community, past and present.

Our world is confronting significant challenges and funding for state education faces great uncertainty. Increasingly, we must expand our vision and adopt a more creative, energetic approach to making provision for our future. We remain committed to ensuring that Melbourne High School retains its position as one of the top government schools in Australia, continuing to provide the best possible education to our students in advanced facilities. Allowing them to reach their full potential, no matter what their financial circumstances, is our gift to their future.

We have strong foundations but cannot rely on the efforts of the past to take us into the future. It falls upon the present generation to create and realise the opportunities which will take us forward with energy and optimism.

Col. John Wertheimer AM RFD
President, MHS Foundation

The Foundation continues to make progress in a number of areas as we increase the extent of our outreach and refine our long-term strategy. Our future depends on committed team work, a creative approach to fundraising and an ongoing process of evaluation. Above all, we must honour the importance of the strong relationships which will bring us closer to our common goal.
We invite you to participate in this ambitious journey towards making Melbourne High School an even better place.


The campaign will culminate in 2027, the Centenary of Melbourne High School at the grounds of Forrest Hill. Fundraising is to be prioritised and staged. The Campaign will provide support for two principal areas:


Supporting our students is an enduring priority and Melbourne High School is committed to providing a first-class education which encompasses not only academic excellence but a broad range of extra-curricular activities, at the same time embracing physical and emotional wellbeing.

Student funding is provided through the MHS Scholarship Trust, the MHS Arts & Cultural Trust and the MHS Health Promotion Trust. All donations are tax deductible.

Buildings, Facilities and Equipment

The generosity of our past and present donors has enabled many improvements and enhancements to be made to Melbourne High School over the decades: the gymnasium and swimming pool, a new Arts Studies Centre, renovated Geography and Chemistry classrooms and completion of Phase 1 of the renovation of the MHS Library.

However, much of the original building, constructed in 1927, is in need of renovation. In order to continue to provide the very highest standard of education, it is essential that our buildings, facilities and equipment are advanced and efficient.


In order to drive the campaign forward, we invite Old Boys who have the energy, time and interest to assist the Foundation with expertise, advice and networking capability to express their interest by contacting Jenny White, Chief Executive & Company Secretary, the Melbourne High School Foundation.

T: (03) 9823 7196
M: 0430 374242

If you wish to support the Campaign directly by making a financial contribution, you can