MHS Classrooms

Dynamic, collaborative, classrooms formally launched.


Students, teachers and the MHS community formally launched the first two architect
designed and refurbished multipurpose classrooms on Tuesday night on May 16th 2017.

These classrooms reflect Melbourne High’s’ commitment to the best learning environments for students. In terms of classroom design, this includes embracing the potential of technology and both individual and group learning. The classrooms are also in step with how commercial offices and tertiary institutions are now being designed. This is reflected in the feeling of spaciousness, flexibility of furnishings, integration of technology and, a surprise to many first-time visitors, no fixed desk for the teacher.

These classrooms are now home to biology classes through to the rapidly growing number of students working with robotics. The fact that everyone wants to utilise these new spaces isn’t surprising, as the design of the rooms also reflect student input and feedback. According to recent Melbourne High graduate, Peter Drew, who is in his first year of engineering at Monash University, the classrooms ‘accommodate how you want to work - the rooms adapt to what you want, rather than you having to adapt to the room.’

The challenge now is to offer these new, advanced learning environments to more students.As MHS Principal, Jeremy Ludowyke, explained: ‘the older classrooms were designed for a style of teaching that will soon be 100 years old - those rooms simply no longer fit modern teaching.’’We have a vision of refitting all 40 classrooms by MHS 100th anniversary in 2027 - achieving this goal means renovating five classrooms a year.’

This goal and timeline is ambitious but achievable, according to Melbourne High School
Foundation Chair, Col John Wertheimer AM RFD.  ‘I’m hopeful that support for future students will come from the current school community and the 20,000 former students, the majority of whom publicly recognize Melbourne High School as a crucial part of their success,’ said the Chair.

The newly refurbished classrooms were supported by many generous donors,  teachers, parents, students and friends of the school. Our sincere thanks to those who made it possible, with particular thanks to our donors present, including Phillip Nguyen, John Connor (who graciously travelled from Sydney) and Mark Dipnall.

Special thanks also to Peter Schreuder of DS Architects, plus Staff:- Geoff Hare, Pellisa Tsilimidos, Rami Stiglec, Marcus Sharp, Ken Ong and Paul Drew.

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